Cheaters and divorcers out in force in January

Christmas stress touted as the main reason

Christmas isn't always as merry as people like to think. It can also be a serious burden for some families. The month of January is the month when there are most divorce applications submitted. The month is also when people really get their 'cheat' on, according to the Nordic adultery website Victoria Milan (VM).

Over 42 percent of VM's members said that they were more inclined to getting a divorce in January, while just 22 percent said that they were less inclined. Additionally, 21 percent said that they had more arguments with their spouses in January.

“Christmas includes more expectations and a more intense interaction with the partner – something that makes it difficult to ignore the problems in the relationship,” Sigurd Vedal, the head and founder of VM, said in a press release.

“People are unfaithful because it is exciting, because the sex is attractive or in order to find a new partner. It's not nice that people feel they need more energy after a Christmas vacation involving lots of family demands.”

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Monday Morning action
According to the findings, almost 53 percent of VM's members said that they were more open to getting a divorce in January because of family stress endured in connection with Christmas. About 21 percent said it was because they had argued more with their partners during January and 16 percent said that they were looking for a change for the new year. About 8 percent said they did it to have sex with others.

VM also looked into which days of the week people are most inclined to register on their website. Most (21 percent) register on Mondays, while the weekends were also favoured.

Interestingly, most members on VM sign up in the mornings. A quarter of all new registrations occur in the morning from 9-12. In comparison, 16 percent signed up between 21:00 and midnight.