Police focusing on organised crime

Cops fight burglaries and break-ins at the source

Police will be focusing their efforts this year on what they called “the network behind crime”.

The number of burglaries fell last year, and police want to keep those numbers falling by focusing on crime networks and cross-border criminals.

“It is not realistic to believe that we can have fewer burglaries and safer streets by providing a cop on every street corner,” Jens Henrik Højbjerg, national police commissioner told DR Nyheder. “However, when we find out which network is behind much of the crime, then we can achieve results that can move mountains.”

A laundry list of crime-fighting
Along with more determined efforts against organised crime, police said they will attempt to reduce traffic fatalities, continue their efforts to combat cybercrime and gangs and step up attempts to combat locals going to fight in the conflicts in Iraq and Syria.

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The National Police Cyber Crime Centre, NC3, will be developed, both in terms of skills and technology this year, while equipment and truing will be put in place to help cope with major events like natural disasters and terrorist acts.