Another banner year for traffic deaths

Fewest ever injuries on the Danish roads

The number of people losing their lives in traffic accidents continues to remain low, according to the latest report from the road authorities Vejdirektoratet.

The report showed that 183 people were killed in traffic accidents in 2014, the second lowest number since stats were first kept.

”It looks like the goal-orientated work at reducing the number of serious traffic accidents is having an effect,” said Magnus Heunicke, the transport minister.

”But the number of deadly accidents is still too high, so it's about remaining focused. We can still do it better so we must keep prioritising the traffic security work highly, because improvement can save many lives in the future and prevent the tragedies that deadly accidents on the road are.”

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Dwindling casualties
The report also showed that 3,160 people were injured in traffic accidents last year, which is 200 fewer than 2013 and the lowest number in history.

Death and injury numbers have dwindled considerably in recent years. Just a decade ago in 2004, there were 369 deaths and 7,546 injuries on the roads in Denmark.

The fewest deaths occurred in 2012, when 167 people lost their lives on the roads.

(Photo: Vejdirektoratet)

(Photo: Vejdirektoratet)