Ryanair reveals four new routes from Copenhagen

Future destinations are Madrid, Rome, Stockholm and Brussels

According to the aviation industry website check-in.dk, the Irish low budget airline Ryanair will offer four new routes out of Copenhagen in 2015.

In September, Ryanair will open flights to Madrid and Rome, while routes to Brussels and Stockholm will commence a month later in October. All flights will depart from Copenhagen Airport once a day.

“Today, we can reveal four new routes, including one to Scandinavia,” David O´Brien, the commercial head of Ryanair, told check-in.dk.

“We are still in active negotiations with Copenhagen Airport and will present more routes later in the year, which will provide 1.7 million customers and maintain 1,700 jobs at Copenhagen Airport.”

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Conflict on the horizon
The budget airline revealed in October last year that it would offer flights to London, Milan and Warsaw, underlining the Copenhagen hub's importance to the airline.

The airline will begin operations from its base in Copenhagen Airport on March 26, and its decision not to sign a Danish wage agreement on behalf of its employees has led to the aviation personnel union Flyvebranchens Personale Union (FPU) warning of a conflict.

Ryanair is one of Europe's biggest airlines and has more than 1,600 daily departures to and from 189 destinations.