Where to watch the Super Bowl

Ever wondered why your favourite US TV show goes off air for a few months each year? American networks call this most inopportune of breaks a hiatus, which sounds a bit like something Toyota would christen their newest offering. 

As annoying as it may be however, it is not in place to tease the viewer. Instead it builds on the notion that networks would lose viewers during the American sports season due to competing for the same time slots. Thus, with your weekly ritual sabotaged, you might as well join them, because you won’t beat them!

Nation at a standstill
On Sunday February 1, America will go into standstill as an entire nation succumbs to ‘football fever'. Monday sick notes WILL be prepared, appointments WILL be cancelled and the national consumption of chicken wings WILL skyrocket, as two teams – the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots – meet in Glendale, Arizona to battle it out for the coveted NFL Super Bowl XLIX title.

To millions this is the mother of sporting events, the equivalent of the World Cup and Champions League finals rolled into one. For others it is a good excuse to kick back with some brews, enjoy the half-time show and scrutinise the million dollar television adverts, all whilst trying to understand the basics of a sport which, let’s face it, barely incorporates the feet! 

If you find yourself in the latter category, why not head on over to any of the Copenhagen venues below and enjoy this most American of spectacles. With added incentives for both teams to win, Super Bowl XLIX should promise a night of great entertainment if you can stay awake until 4am!

Hard Rock Café
Vesterbrogade 3, Cph V; 150kr entry package, copenhagen_salescoordinator@hardrock.com, 3312 4333

Hard Rock Café once again invites its guests to ‘The Big Game’. Coverage starts at 23:00 on Sunday evening with the kitchen open to late. The 150kr 'Beer & Ball Package' includes one beer or soda and popcorn. Or if you’re hungry, the ‘Beers, Burger & Ball’ is available for 300kr and includes entry, two beers or sodas, a burger and popcorn. 

Vesterbrogade 1A, Cph V; 349kr entry package, info@madcph.dk

Modern American Diner (MAD) has a similar offering to Hard Rock, but looks to go one step further by offering patrons a 345kr deal. Beginning at 22:00, it includes a burger of the customer’s choosing, along with a choice of three American beers or sodas. While the deal doesn’t include popcorn, it in turn offers a quiz at 23:00 along with a visit from the Budweiser Girls. 

Irish Rover
Vimmelskaftet 46, Cph K; 21:00; free adm

The Irish Rover entices you with great promos for its Super Bowl Party. Starting at 21:00, enjoy any of the following: two Budweisers and Rover Burger for 170kr, two Budweisers and a bowl of nachos for 100kr, two Budweisers + spicy hotwings for 100kr, three Budweisers for 100kr, 10 shots of Fisk for 150kr. Entrance is free, the kitchen is open to 12am and the game will be screened on seven plasma screens, with free merchandise to be handed out by the Budweiser Girls.

Lanes & Lounges
Englandsvej 337, Tårnby; 19:30; 279kr, billetnet.dk or from Lanes & Lounges

If bowling is your thing, then Lanes & Lounges in Tårnby offer a great Super Bowl deal. For 279kr you gain entry, free bowling, a huge buffet and one Budweiser including a visit by the merchandising girls. Doors open at 19:30.

Café Stafetten
Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 9, Cph Ø; 19:00; free adm, reserve tables at 3538 6104

For a more low-key atmosphere head to Café Stafetten in Østerbro. You will not be charged an entry fee, and with great promos like 25 chicken wings and a pitcher of beer for 250kr (375kr to double up on wings) what’s not to love!? Doors open at 19:00.

Hal 2, Trangransvej 22, Cph K; 19:30; 90kr, purchase tickets at billetto.dk/da/super-bowl-brag-i-papirhallen

Papirhallen claims to host Denmark’s largest Superbowl party. Tickets cost 90kr, but if you want to get fed, a standard package that includes dinner and a night snack costs 295kr. For the big spenders, a 550kr VIP package comes with all the inclusive drinks and food you can imagine. Two NFL experts, the Elming brothers, will host the event, and there will be plenty of entertainment including a quiz with great prizes. Doors open at 19:30. 

Magrath’s Bar
Østerbrogade 112, Cph Ø; 13:00; free entry

For the early birds, Magrath’s Bar opens at 13:00, which gives you ample time to secure a decent table and get a mean pre-drink on for the game later on. Complimentary chips for each table, there will be promo deals on the night and, like at most other places showing the Super Bowl, the Budweiser Girls will be swinging by.

Pub & Sport
Vester Voldgade 7, Cph V; free adm, booking required via mail@pubogsport.com 

Pub & Sport provides a nice and cosy viewing atmosphere with ten TV screens and two projectors. The kitchen will be serving Phoenix stew with baked potatoes and corn for 149kr, whilst the bar offers a wide selection of draft beers, bottled beers and various cocktails. You can play a game of darts or backgammon for free at the pub while pool and foosball are availableat a price.

At Nordisk Film cinemas
Various cinemas nationwide including Falkoner Biografen, Sylows Alle 15, Frederiksberg  & Palads Teatret, Axeltorv 9, Cph K; 22:00; 150kr, kino.dk

Immerse yourself into the Super Bowl action at participating Nordisk Film cinemas across the country on Sunday. Book a ticket and get to watch the event on the big screen with a bag of crunchy Doritos and a cold Budweiser. Screenings start at 22:00.