New principal at NGGI outlines his vision for the future

Claus Reinholdt Campeotto knew that he had big shoes to fill when he accepted the position as principal at NGG International School (NGGI). It is the first leadership change at the storied school for decades.

Campeotto’s experience in top positions at three different gymnasiums make him ideally suited to guiding NGGI into the future and act as a liaison between the different facets of the large, multicultural school.

“I hope to create a more modern form of leadership, with more co-operation between all of the heads of the various parts of the school,” Campeotto said. 

“I want to have greater co-operation with the parents, students and the local community.

Moving with the times
The new principal said that NGGI needs to be fast on its feet and able to adjust to an ever-changing and rapidly developing world.

“I want to work more with companies, research organisations and universities,” he said. “NGGI parents are proud of the school and I want to make sure that sense of pride continues.”

He has been a visible force around the school since taking over at the start of the year: greeting students, sometimes by high-fiving, and giving tutorials on how to pronounce his surname! He is obviously comfortable around his students, and they respond in kind.

Serious but still fun
Campeotto views NGGI’s sprawling campus and wide range of class levels – from the very youngest to the graduating classes – as a positive that creates synergistic learning possibilities at every level.

“I am humbled and excited to be here,” he said.

Well aware of the gravity and importance of his post, the new principal is not above a bit of fun. During the holidays, he dressed up as Father Christmas for some of the younger grades and told them he was going to be their new principal. His new job, he feels, was the best Christmas present he could have wished for.