Danica Pension invests millions into up-and-coming clean-tech company

Aquaporin works with transforming polluted water into drinking water

One of Denmark's largest pension companies, Danica Pension, has announced it will invest millions of kroner into the Danish clean-tech company Aquaporin, which works with transforming polluted water into drinking water.

Danica Pension will invest a triple-figure million kroner investment into a deal which is part of the company's new strategy to invest billions of kroner directly into growing companies.

”Aquaporin’s huge growth potential is driven by a growing global demand for clean water coupled with a thoroughly tested product that requires limited amounts of materials and is easily integrated into existing products,” Lars Thørs, the head of risk assets at Danica Pension, said.

”We’re making this investment because we are confident it will add value to our customers' savings. This is what motivates us to seek out investments with the highest and most secure returns.”

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On the rise
Danica Pension will remain a minority shareholder despite its sizeable investment.

Aquaporin, which was established in 2005 and has 36 employees, was thrust into the limelight in June last year after it was awarded the prestigious European Inventor Award for its groundbreaking clean water technology invention.

Aquaporin, which has since enjoyed Chinese investment as well, came up with an invention that could potentially revolutionise the production of clean water.