New test to reveal dyslexia at an earlier age

National test a boost for students with the learning disorder

The education minister, Christine Antorini, has unveiled a new national dyslexia test that will identify students suffering from the learning disability across the education spectrum from the third grade all the way up to further education.

The Education Ministry – in co-operation with the Social Ministry, the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University – has developed a new test that incorporates internationally-renowned dyslexia research.

”It's important that pupils and students with dyslexia are given the opportunity to complete an education on equal footing with other students,” Antorini said.

”Now we can offer all schools and institutions free testing tools that can provide a vocational and solid foundation to help students with dyslexia receive the correct guidance and teaching.”

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Smoother transition 
Until now, a common practice for identifying students with dyslexia has been lacking, leading to an unnecessary barrier for students in the education system in Denmark. In the past, too many disparate methods have made it difficult for students to have their dyslexia and the scope of the disability identified.

The new test will allow for a more smooth transition between education levels for people with dyslexia, which account for 3-7 percent of the Danish population.

People suffering from the learning disorder have a tougher time learning to read written words because they have difficulty in connecting letters with their vocal sounds.