Youngsters yearn for closer relationships with their parents

Young people want their folks to take more of an interest in their lives

Young people in Denmark struggle with stress, loneliness, sleep issues, depression and bullying, according to the results of several research projects carried out last year. However, the youngsters say that parental guidance would go a long way to helping them overcome their issues.

A new YouGov survey for Politiken newspaper showed that 80 percent of those aged 15-25 said that more parental interest would be a 'good' or 'really good' way to help the troubled young people.

”The young people miss close contact with their parents,” Marianne Lomholt, the head of sexual rights organisation Sex & Samfund, told Politiken.

”A space where they can speak about the things they are going through – about their feelings, the development of their bodies, their limits and general well-being. The emotional aspect and thoughts of identity and 'who am I?' is very important to the young people.”

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Parents over schools
Some 35 percent of those asked in the survey said that the best preventative measure was for parents to speak to their children about how they were doing.

Far fewer thought it was more important that the issues were dealt with in school, either by teachers or counsellors.