Dane killed in Ukraine fighting

February 3rd, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

According to several Danish and Ukrainian media sources, the Danish-Chechen fighter Isa Munajev – also known as 'Bokseren fra Birkerød' ('The Boxer from Birkerød') – has been killed in Ukraine while fighting Russian separatists.

Munajev allegedly played a central role in the ongoing battle against the pro-Russian forces in the eastern part of Ukraine. Munajev was a veteran of two wars against Russia in Chechnya and led a battalion in Ukraine consisting primarily of Chechen volunteers fighting on behalf of Ukraine.

”I am a father of a killed daughter and son of a killed father. My sister has also been killed,” Munajev told TV2 last year. ”I am Putin's worst enemy and I'm proud of it.”

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Boxing coach
Before leaving to fight in Ukraine, Munajev had a registered address in the north Copenhagen suburb of Birkerød and was a prominent figure in the Danish-Chechen community.

In Birkerød he worked as a boxing coach for youths after migrating to Denmark in 2007.

At least five Chechens with Danish citizenship are fighting against the pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.


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