Jeff Dunham: All over the map

The jokes rarely chime but his skills are sublime

Be prepared to retract every misgiving you might have about the art of ventriloquism after you’ve seen Jeff Dunham’s All Over the Map. 

His latest worldwide tour was hilarious, warned the Journal Sentinel, which witnessed people crying from laughter in the audience, although the humour is a tad basic. “Dunham put the dumb in dummies,” it observed.

Armed with a diverse cast of characters – the old man (Walter), the talking jalapeño (Jose), the dead terrorist (Achmed), the country bumpkin (Bubba J) and the colourful monster (Peanut) – Dunham has a wide appeal. 

Even the controversial Achmed, the angry skeleton of a suicide bomber, is wildly popular in the Middle East and all 12 countries he visited during the tour.

Managing to be so much more than just another idiot with a doll, Dunham derives mirth from interacting with his audience as well as his puppets. 

Michigan Live wasn’t convinced by the humour but praised “Dunham’s undeniable talent as a ventriloquist”, whether it is imitating voices, accents or sounds – all without moving his lips. 

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