Select Shopping: As the name suggests, elegance is guaranteed

February 9th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Go no further than Chopin, a haven for Denmark’s must-have fashion brands

Regular readers of this column will know that our intrepid reporters normally have to visit three to five shops to sate their appetite for high-fashion.

But on this occasion, one pit-stop was enough: Chopin, a Charlottenlund-based establishment where you are always guaranteed to find numerous high quality brands from Danish and international design companies.  

Common to all its high-quality clothes are its delicious materials and beautiful and fashionable design. Just like the Polish composer, it has elegance seeping out of its every pore. 

Danish fashion brand splitting in two
The Danish brand Munthe plus Simonsen was originally the result of a partnership between the two designers: Naja Munthe and Karen Simonsen. The brand was established in 1994 and lasted until 2009, at which point the two designers decided to split.

Now two brands exist: Munthe and Karen by Simonsen. The two designers had for a long time longed to stand on their own feet – a dream that was fulfilled when the two designers established two completely new, but very esteemed brands.

As the brand Munthe plus Simonson was already well known for its high quality clothes, the highly value of the original brand was carried on to both of the two new established brands.

Timeless Danish fashion design
With famous brands such as Pieszak and Philosophy Blues Original, the Danish fashion scene ensures that your expectations are met with regard to both elegance and classical style.

A brand such as BeckSöndergaard is deliverable in the right purse or the trendiest belt – a signal of the sophistication or elegance you possess.

While the Rosemunde brand is second to none within the romantic and feminine fashion scene. With their easy-to-wear essentials, the brand is preferable when it comes to high-quality basics such as camisoles, cardigans and knits.

Handpicked designs
Chopin furthermore offers a wide range of well-known brands, both Danish and international, which are carefully handpicked by the company’s committed purchasers.

At the shop in Charlottenlund you can find a collection of some of the most famous Danish and international designers who create all the details and functionalities necessary to join the clothes completely.

You will find any kind of clothes: from beautiful lingerie and raw-looking belts to feminine dresses and trendy boots in high quality.

The company furthermore offers you the chance to shop online and have the clothes directly delivered to you. Here, you have the advantage of sitting comfortably at home while you chose the products you like the best – without having to face the heavy traffic across Copenhagen.

Chopin, Jægersborg Allé 17, Charlottenlund; open Mon-Fri 10:00-17:30, Sat 10:00-14:00; 3997 2900; butik@chopin.dk; chopin.dk



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