Novo Nordisk IT company finally going public

NNIT was set to go public last year

 NNIT, the IT arm of Novo Nordisk, applied to the Copenhagen Stock Exchange today to go public.

The company was slated to go public last autumn, but uncertainty on the stock market during that time scared several companies from applying for an IPO.

”Novo Nordisk is very satisfied with NNIT's development and we are confident that a change in ownership can better support the company's further development and value creation and strengthen its market position in both Denmark and internationally,” Jesper Brandgaard, the chairman of NNIT, said.

Novo Nordisk, which is known mainly for its production of insulin, also provides IT support through NNIT to corporate customers in the pharmaceutical sector, both in Denmark and internationally.

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NNIT has more than 2,400 employees and last year had a turnover of 2.4 billion kroner with an operating profit of 265 million kroner.

NNIT is following in the footsteps of Novozymes, the enzyme arm of Novo Nordisk that went public ten years ago.