Copenhagen to get new bridge this year

Delayed bridge to finally get its day

Soon you'll be able to cross Christianshavns Kanal by walking across a bridge comprised of moving circular platforms.

Announced four years ago, Cirkelbroen, which has been designed by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, will finally see the light of day thanks to Copenhagen Municipality's approval of a local plan that will finally see its completion this year.

The bridge should have been built two years ago, but construction was delayed in part due to the bankruptcy of Pihl & Søn Construction Company, which also delayed the construction of other planned city bridges.

The 32-metre long bridge will span the canal connecting Christiansbro with Applebys Plads – an area that Eliasson said ”plays a central role in many Copenhageners' daily lives”.

Each of the staggered and different-sized circular platforms will have its own mast, resembling a ship, to symbolise the maritime historical and cultural context of the area. The circles would then swing open for larger boats that cannot sail underneath.


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Not just a bridge
Eliasson sees the bridge not just as a functional structure for commuters, but also as a way to give people a different experience and way to sense their surroundings as pedestrians and cyclists cross the circular platforms on a slower, meandering path.

”It is my hope that people will stay on the bridge and use it as a public space,” Eliasson said. ”In contrast to the long, straight path, the winding bridge will reduce speed and change focus. Rather than offering the fastest possible passage across the canal, the bridge will create small changes in the way we see the city and opens us up to a renegotiation of public space."

It is estimated that the bridge would be used by 5,000 cyclists and pedestrians daily. The Nordea Foundation is developing and building the bridge as a gift to the city, which upon completion will then assume responsibility for the bridge's operation and maintenance.