Record number of immigrants last year

More and more Westerners looking to call Denmark home

Just under 65,000 foreigners moved to Denmark in 2014, setting a record for the highest number of immigrants in a single year. 

According to Danmarks Statistik, last year’s 64,874 immigrants represented a 15 percent increase on the previous record-holder, 2013. Male immigrants slightly outpaced women by 34,613 to 30,261.

The largest single group of immigrants were Syrians, with 5,401 searching for a new home. In 2013, just 1,760 Syrians immigrated to Denmark.

Western immigration exploding
Romanians were the second largest group coming to Denmark last year, at just over 5,100.

Immigrants from Western countries outpaced those from non-Western countries by 40,059 to 24,815. 

The number of Western immigrants coming to Denmark has more than doubled since 2004. 

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Over half of all foreign nationals who immigrated to Denmark last year were between 20 and 29 years old. Just 665 of them were over the age of 60.