Dansk Folkeparti MP hits parked car and runs

Bent Bøgsted wrecked a car while backing out of a carpark

On Saturday morning, Dansk Folkeparti MP Bent Bøgsted got a bit more than he bargained for at the Jem & Fix building materials store in Frederikshavn.

As the MP backed out of the carpark with a trailer attached to his car, he hit another parked car.

After hitting the car, Bøgsted got out, inspected the damage, got back in his own car and drove away.

Fortunately for the victim, a local police officer witnessed the whole thing. And when the victim contacted the MP, he admitted his guilt.

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Disappointed victim
The owner of the car that Bøgsted hit, Tony Skov, is angry and disappointed, especially because the person who hit him is an MP and one who chose to flee from an accident he caused.

“I believe that elected representatives should set a good example and stand by their responsibility,” he told Nordjske.

Skov's Ford Mondeo station wagon is now out of commission until the large crack on one of his rear doors gets repaired.

A bad day
Bøgsted regretted his actions, saying he was having a “bad day”.

“I had a truly bad day. It's a great mistake and unacceptable,” he told Nordjyske Media. “Everyone can have a silly day when everything goes wrong, but that's no excuse. I don't know why I did it. I regret it many times and regret that I did not make myself known.”

Bøgsted says that we are all “just ordinary people” and calls the incident only “one of a few mistakes” he has made in his life.

The 59-year-old MP has said the incident has now been reported, also to the relevant insurance parties, and is now waiting to see if he will get a fine.