New cars to catch speeders encountering technical problems

Some police districts are reporting teething issues with the new vehicles

The national police force Rigspolitiet started the month with great gusto: 75 unmarked cars would join 25 others to snag speeders. But now it would appear, the cars aren't living up to the hype.

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In Jutland, for instance, one police officer has had problems with at least eight of the new cars.

“We have great technical problems with the new cars,” Michael Henningsen, the deputy police officer and head of the traffic department for East Jutland Police, told Jyllands-Posten.

“I cannot actually explain what's wrong, but some of them do not measure as they should.”

According to TV2 Fyn, there is a problem with the technology.

Teething problems
Henningsen explains that such “teething problems” are to be expected on an initiative of this size.

“When you embark on such a big project, there will always be some teething problems and you just need to get a handle on them,” he explained to Politiken. “We just have to accept that.”

Frank Mathiesen, the manager of Rigspolitiet 's road traffic centre, however has not heard anything from the police districts regarding problems with the new cars.

“There have been no technical problems with them. At least nothing we've heard of,” he told Jyllands-Posten. “If you have heard otherwise from some of the police districts, you might ask them about the problem.”

Though police have said the initiative is to continue to increase road safety rather than to increase revenue through fines, the government is expecting a 600 million kroner increase in revenue from speeding fines this year.