Danish scouts get their own island

Ungdomsøen, the Isle of Youth, is located in the Øresund and will serve as an activity centre for children and youths

The Danish Scout Association has bought Middelgrund Fort, a small artificial island in the Øresund, just off the coast near Hellerup.

The acquisition cost 20 million kroner and was made possible thanks to a donation from the Nordea Foundation and the AP Møller Foundation.

The scouts plan to turn the place into an original activity-laboratory, created by and for children and young people.

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Developing social responsibility
The Isle of Youth, as the Middelgrund Fort will be called, will offer a range of activities and experiences that will help children and young people to develop a sense of community and social responsibility. 

"Middelgrundsfortet has a unique location and surroundings," David Hansen, the head of the Scout Association, said in a statement. 

"It is far-removed from the everyday environment, which works well for the creative challenges children and young people can experience there." 

Ideal for outdoor activities
According to the sale advert, the basement of the fort has more than 15,000 sqm and 30 rooms. 

An additional 50,000 sqm outdoors will provide the scouts with lots of space for their activities.

Middelgrunds Fort was originally put up for sale in 2010 for a price of 75 million kroner.

Built to protect against bombing
The fort is one of the world's largest man-made islands and was built in the early 1890s by King Christian IX to protect Copenhagen against bombing.

The Danish Scout Association will take over Middelgrundsfortet on April 1.