Public schools waste millions on IT

Schools are spending hefty sums on the latest technology, only for it to be wasted

Millions of kroner have been spent on providing primary schools with the latest ICT gear, but teachers are falling short on making it a part of classroom life.

Catherine Hasse, a professor at the university's education department explains: "Denmark is one of the countries in the world that have invested most in ICT in school," she tells Politiken. "We lag in many places. We waste a lot of money, and have been doing so for a long time."

This is largely down to the lack of time there is for teachers to learn how to utilise ICT in the classroom. 

Hasse continues: "They sidestep the fact that it is extremely demanding learning for teachers to use ICT," and indicates that there is a, "lack of development and knowledge sharing among teachers in schools."

These findings are based on observations from 13 primary schools, and interviews with 73 teachers and principles which is taken from the department's forthcoming Technuacation.

Claus Hjortdal, head of the school association, added: "We walked more than 100 school leaders in 2012 through a network to get it to become a more natural part of teaching," he told Politiken, "We have tried to do something about it, but it is true that teachers lack time for knowledge sharing."