Invisible helmet tested on International Winter Bike To Work Day

Swedish invention is revolutionary but expensive

February 13 is International Winter Bike To Work Day. To mark the occasion, DR is considering a question that divides the cycling community: style or safety?

Few doubt the bike helmet's credentials when it comes to increasing cycling safety, but not everyone translates the theory into practice. However, a solution to the conflicting interests of personal safety and looking cool has been developed by the Swedish company Hövding.

The company’s answer to the helmet is an airbag that is worn around the neck, which inflates when it senses sudden movements in the case of falling.

A few downsides
DR’s verdict is that the invention could attract some who don’t otherwise wear a helmet, but they note a few downsides. “The helmet won’t help if you cycle into, for example, a sign that is hanging at head level,” they say.

“And it might be a bit too expensive to equip children with one because the helmet will also react if you play a bit too rough.”

The price point is also significantly higher than a conventional helmet. The unit retails for about 2,500 kroner and cannot be reused after an accident.