Copenhagen shooter identity revealed

The 22-year-old attacker had previous run-ins with the law

The 22-year-old attacker responsible for the Copenhagen shootings over the weekend was able to fool policemen on Krystalgade near the synagogue by pretending to be drunk, reports Politiken.

Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein stumbled and weaved towards the synagogue, enabling him to get close to Dan Uzan, the man standing guard at the synagogue, and two policemen. He then pulled out his gun, killing Uzan and wounding the two officers.

Identity revealed
Police on Sunday were able to finally identify El-Hussein late on Sunday afternoon, despite shooting and killing him in the early hours.

It has been confirmed that El-Hussein was a former student of adult learning school at VUC in Hvidovre.

Peter Zinkernagel, the rector of the school, told DR that El-Hussein was a “very talented and gifted student who did well professionally”.

Previous run-ins
El-Hussein remained a student at VUC until November 2013 when he was expelled due to his involvement in a stabbing.

It took over a year for the case to go to trial, and in December 2014, he was sentenced to two years in prison for aggravated assault, but was released in January, just a few weeks before the shootings, having already served "a long part" of the sentence, according to DR.