Jobs for young people in the automobile industry

Becoming a key player in recruiting young and sharp minds

The maritime, transport and agriculture industries have traditionally been successful in recruiting many young professionals. At a time of transition, with many new technologies and new business models coming up, it is the turn of the automobile industry. Therefore the automotive sector is launching a new campaign to present what it can offer.

Targeting under 20s
“Competition is fierce, all industries, not just the automobile industry will be short of young professionals," Thomas Møller Sørensen, who heads the auto industry department of the business advocates Dansk Industri, explains.  

"Therefore we must get hold of some new and different profiles than what we have been used to." 

The target group of the campaign will especially be 16-26-year-olds.

“We are a dynamic industry with plenty to offer and we need new ideas and bright young minds with fresh views on business," Sørensen continues, adding that the industry’s technological development is very fast so the training requirements are continuously changing: a mechanic today must be able to use a computer as well as a screwdriver.

Additionally, this campaign is an attempt to change the public's view of the automobile industry as a very stiff and conservative one. Sørensen considers a change essential for the industry. “The cautious approach has been responsible for what has happened in the past 10 years. Therefore, it is time for something progressive," he said.

Leasing Boom pushing spirits up in the automobile industry
Sørensen points out that the greatest necessity is for skilled young people who dare to challenge conventional thinking, and this is practically at all ends of the sector. “It is vital.  We’ve already heard from our businesses that are currently looking for young people with new skills," he said.

“We still have the mechanics, but they have to improve," “We need it everywhere, whether it's mechanics or business developers, large or small businesses, and this applies to all brands."