Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link to cost more than estimated

The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link between Denmark and Germany will cost 2.2 billion kroner more than expected.

In November 2014, Femern A/S budgeted 46 billion kroner for the construction of the immersed tunnel and 6.7 billions for additional costs – a total of 52.7 billion kroner.

However, the latest calculations show an extra 2.2 billion kroner will be needed, increasing the budget to almost 55 billion.

Challenges delay the construction work
On Tuesday, the Transport Ministry also announced that the project is facing new challenges. 

One of them is to ensure the tunnel gets the highest possible support from the EU.

Right now, however, there is a possibility that up to 18 percent of the available EU funds will be used on the so-called Juncker investment plan instead. 

Waiting for the green
Meanwhile, Germany is still awaiting an approval from the environmental authorities.

The local transport ministry and Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) have to present an updated timetable for how they will implement the agreed improvement of the German railway system connecting to the Fehmarn Belt bridge.

Building the bird flight line
According to Magnus Heunicke, the transport minister, these challenges are delaying the whole construction process as contractors can only sign their contracts in six months' time, when these issues should hopefully be sorted out.

The 18km long tunnel will connect the German island of Fehmarn with the Danish island of Lolland, crossing over the Fehmarn Belt in the Baltic Sea.

In Germany, the route is known as the Vogelfluglinie and in Denmark as the Fugleflugtslinjen, which literary means 'bird flight line'.