More organic food on Danish plates

Organically-grown produce, especially milk, is getting more and more popular

A recent survey from Statistics Denmark shows that five percent of the food served in Danish canteens, restaurants and hotels is organic. 

In 2013, private and public eateries spent 981 million kroner on organic produce – double that of 2010.

"It's amazing to see that more organic ingredients are making it into the pots and plates of the country's professional kitchens," Per Krølster, the chairman of Økologisk Landsforening, commented.

"It means that thousands of people at work, kindergartens or nursing homes are served food free of pesticide residues."

Organic milk is popular
In 2013, the food service industry spent 18.4 billion kroner on food, of which almost one billion was used on organic products.

However, institutions are still a little behind private consumers who chose eight percent of their food with the organic certification mark.

The figures also show that while 41 percent of all dairy products used in Danish kitchens are organic, only three percent of the meat comes from organic farms.