Old ferry route between Grenå and Hundested could reopen

It looks promising but negotiations are still ongoing

The manager of a low-cost bus company is campaigning to revive the old ferry crossing between Hundested in northern Zealand and the seaport of Grenå in Jutland.

"Eighty percent of the investors are already in place," Thomas Hintze, the manager of Rødbillet, told Frederiksborg Amts newspaper. 

In the coming week, Hintze will meet the mayors of the two towns and four largest transport companies, including DSV.

Possible reopening already this autumn
"We are very positive and happy to help," noted Steen Hasselriis, the mayor of nearby Halsnæs Municipality. 

The proposed catamarans will be able to transport 150 vehicles and 400 passengers. The tour across Kattegat would then take 55 minutes. 

"If we can get used ferries, the crossing could start already this autumn," Hintze explained.

"If we're talking about new ferries, we'll have to wait until the summer of 2016." 

Closed in 1995
The Grenå-Hundested route has been closed since 1995.

In September 2014, however, it was possible to take a one-way trip from Grenå to Hundested as the local community celebrated the 80th anniversary of the route. 

Currently, it is possible to only take a small ferry from Hundested to Rørvig across the Isefjord, which takes about 25 minutes.

It is currently possible to travel by ferry from the seaport of Grenå to the Swedish town of Varberg and also to the small island of Anholt, which is situated on the Kattegat between the countries.