Home Guard checking its holsters

Revelations that El-Hussein used a stolen Guard weapon has the group questioning its procedures

News that the M95 rifle used in the attacks at Krudttønden last Saturday was a stolen Home Guard weapon has the group speeding up a study on how it protects its ordnance.

“We began a general evaluation of the armoury last spring, and I have asked for it to be completed quickly so we can implement whatever increased security measures are needed,” General Finn Winkler told DR Nyheder.

Gun stolen during robbery
Winkler said the investigation was “unbiased” and that the results would be reported to the police as soon as they were completed. The M95 rifle used by El-Hussein was stolen during  a home robbery in early 2013.

"Any loss of a weapon is regrettable and serious,” said Winkler.

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The Home Guard has over 4,000 members who keep weapons in their homes, presumably in double-secured weapons safes. Winkler said the results of the study would be ready soon.

“This is not a question of six or twelve months,” he insisted. “We will present options within a few weeks.”