New and improved HPV vaccine

Protection rate increased by 20 percent

A new HPV vaccine is on its way to Denmark. According to a statement from the Danish Cancer Society, the new vaccine will offer greater protection than the current one – preventing nine types of HPV with a 90 percent protection rate.

In comparison, the current vaccine covers four types with a 70 percent protection rate. Seven of the nine types cause the majority of cervical cancer cases.

In the United States, the new vaccine was approved for use by the Federal Drug Administration in December last year. It is currently seeking approval from the European Medicines Agency. If approved, it is expected to be used across Europe.

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HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. You don't always show signs of having the virus and the symptoms might not develop until years after infection. HPV poses a health risk as it can lead to genital warts and various cancers.

In the Danish health system, girls between 12 and 18 can receive the vaccine for free. Until the end of this year, females born between 1993 and 1997 can also get free jabs.

The vaccine works best if administered prior to the sexual debut. It is recommended that males also get vaccinated against HPV.