Denmark reaches 1,000 organic kitchens

65 percent found in the public sector

As of today there are 1,000 kitchens in Denmark that have been officially listed as being organic, according to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

The government's focus on getting kitchens in the public sector to embrace organic food means the majority of organic kitchens in Denmark are in the public sector.

”The government is working hard for more organic food in Denmark, and for me it is natural that the public sector is leading the way,” Dan Jørgensen, the food and agriculture minister, said.

”So the government's considerable efforts to have more organic eateries in the public sphere is an essential part of working towards a more organic Denmark in general.”

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Gold, silver and bronze
Since 2012, the number of official organic kitchens has increased sixfold from 138 to 1,000 and 65 percent of the 1,000 kitchens are found in the public sector.

In 2013 the Danish kitchens purchased organic products worth about one billion kroner – twice as much as compared to 2010.

Organic kitchens have since 2009 been able to receive one of three organic certificates of approval.

The bronze certificate means the kitchen is 30-60 percent organic, while the silver certificate means the kitchen is 60-90 percent organic. The gold certificate is only issued to kitchens that are more than 90 percent organic.

Since 2012, the government has supported the organic kitchens in the public sector with 28 million kroner per year, and a further 58 million kroner has been set aside looking ahead to 2018.