Reviving our faith in punk

Iceage at Jazzhouse

Thu 26 Feb, 21:00; CPH Jazzhouse; 120kr

Raised in Copenhagen, the four friends led by singer-songwriter, guitarist and romanticist Elias Bender Rønnenfelt have revived our faith in punk. 

Following the release of their debut album, New Brigade (2011), both the public and the media were tentative to embrace the unpolished band. They were mystified: firstly by their age, and secondly by their apparent artistic wisdom (though Pitchfork were quick to raise their heads above the parapet with an 8.4 album rating). 

Their ongoing outpour of emotionally raw, anarchic and gritty ballads paired with the growing aura around Rønnenfelt’s intriguing persona and other musical ventures changed all of that, however. 

Their third studio album, Plowing into the Fields of Love (2014), is undeniably a defiant show-of-strength by a gifted lyricist. 

Laden with hard-hitting, profoundly intelligent and poetic lyrics weaved into the jagged-edged tapestry of harsh guitar and aggressive drumbeats, the band have whole-heartedly embraced their libertine philosophy with lines like ‘After all I think it’s evident that I am god’s favourite one /And now is the time I should have whatever I desire.’ 

After being included among Pitchfork’s top 50 albums of 2014 and Rønnenfelt recently announcing the release of a new album with his band Marching Church, tickets for this.