Busiest bus line in the city considering dropping cash tickets

In the future, the 5A could be mobile pay and rejsekort only

The national bus operator Movia has revealed it is considering ending physical cash tickets on the city's busiest bus line, the 5A from Husum Torv to Copenhagen Airport that travels through the centre of the capital.

Movia contends that the 5A stops unnecessarily for too long while passengers attempt to fish out coins from their pockets to pay for their fare.

”We are always looking for ways to bring people to their destinations as swiftly as possible, and if there is something that can be changed, we will do it,” Jeppe Gorm, the district head of Movia, told DR Nyheder.

”More and more tickets are sold via mobile phones instead of by the drivers on the buses. If the cash ticket consumer fades away, we will see if it is still relevant.”

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Elderly options
But the idea is viewed negatively by Rådet for Socialt Udsatte, an organisation for the socially vulnerable, and elderly group Ældresagen.

Jens Højgaard, a spokesperson for Ældresagen, maintained that doing away with paying by cash would deter many elderly from taking the bus and prevent them from getting around.

The 5A bus line is the busiest in Denmark. It transports 24 million passengers per year, which is 35 percent of the total number of passengers in the capital region.