Controlling seagulls and strengthening peregrine falcon numbers

Aalborg Municipality aims to kill two birds with one stone

Aalborg Municipality now has the help of a peregrine falcon in its fight against seagulls, DR reports. A pair of the birds has nested on a silo to the north of Aalborg.

The municipality had set up nesting boxes with the help of the ornithological organisation Dansk Ornitologisk Forening (DOF) to attract the birds of prey so that they can act as a natural form of pest control. The species can eat up to one seagull a day.

Hopes for mating
According to employee Klaus Godiksen, the hope is that there will be more in the future. “Now we hope there will be some eggs and subsequently chicks,” he said.

There are only 10-12 pairs of mating peregrine falcons in Denmark, and Godiksen sees it as the municipality’s responsibility to play its part in ensuring biodiversity.

“So now we need that pair to have some young, and as soon as that gets underway we should talk to the DOF to find out where we should put up more nesting boxes to get the peregrine population up,” he said.