Danish energy network among most stable in the world

February 25th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Danes can count on their power almost 100 percent of the time

Danes can rest assured that they can rely on having electricity at their disposal at home and at work 99.997 percent of the time, making it the most energy-stable nation in the world.

On top of that, energy companies in Denmark spend up to three billion kroner maintaining and improving the Danish energy network.

Anders Stouge, the deputy head of energy advocate organisation Dansk Energi, said that supply guarantee is one of the reasons why Apple decided to build a billion-kroner data centre in Viborg earlier this week.

“It's because they can trust that the power is always there for all the updating of the data that we all put onto the net,” Stouge told DR Nyheder.

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Stouge revealed that the energy companies would be spending even more on improving the energy network in Denmark in the near future to protect it from the increasing frequencies of flooding and storms that have affected the country in recent years. But they won't be alone in splashing out more money.

“It's not just the energy companies, but the infrastructure we have in our buildings,” Dorthe Hedensted Lund a senior landscape architecture and planning researcher at the University of Copenhagen, said.

“Server rooms and such that are located in basements are under threat. And it's only sensible to move them higher up where they won't be affected by flooding.”


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