Jews want extra protection for their children at school

The parents of around 200 children attending the Jewish Carolineskolen in Copenhagen have written a letter to the prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, asking for year-round police protection.

Following the terrorist attack on February 15, the parents fear Danish-Jewish heritage is at risk of extinction if proper security is not provided.

"We always knew it wasn't entirely without risk when we delivered our beloved children to the school every morning, but following the assassination of Dan Uzan, the situation has unfortunately changed," the parents wrote in the letter.

Read the full letter here.

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Demanding more protection
"As long as the threat level against Jews is so high, it is necessary there are qualified and armed police at Jewish institutions, including a general upgrade of security installations. It is not a task that a small congregation of a few thousand members can or should handle alone. It requires a permanent effort that only a state can guarantee."

Representatives of the Jewish community have for years been saying their members feel increasingly uneasy about practising their religion in Denmark.

If the police leave, our kids leave
However, the debate has gained momentum in the wake of last week's terrorist attacks at Krudttønden and the synagogue on Krystalgade.

The killing of the 37-year-old Jewish security guard Dan Uzan has led to increased security at Jewish institutions, including Carolineskolen.

"The day Denmark no longer supports our children's safety – the day armed police disappear from our school – will be the day when our children disappear from the school," write the parents.