Train commuters unhappy with internet service

DSB vows to improve the connection – online not on the lines

Thousands of Danes use trains to commute to work every day. And a recent survey shows about half of them, 53 percent, use this time to work.

"The more information we can get out of this analysis, the more flexibility Danes can have at work and the more productive businesses will become," Jesper Højte Stenbæk, a chief consultant at Dansk Erhverv, told DR.

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Bad internet connection 
However, as it turns out, half of the respondents believe working conditions on trains are poor.

There is a particularly bad internet connection, they complain.

"The telecom industry needs to find a solution to improve internet coverage and increase capacity," Tony Bispeskov, the DSB traffic information officer, told DR.

Limited places to sit down
In addition to the unstable network connection, 46 percent of the interviewed commuters complained there are too few seats on the trains.

According to DSB, the number of trains and carriages is constantly being adjusted to provide enough seating space.

Bispeskov recommends passengers take either an earlier train or travel a little later when more seats may be available.