EU Commission positive about Danish economy

Despite the rosy outlook, challenges remain

According to the EU Commission's new 2015 Country Report, the Danish economy can look forward with optimism after several years of stunted recovery from the global financial crisis.

The report (here in English) concludes that Denmark has made progress and that a sustainable fiscal policy has been secured for the medium to long-term future.

”In 2014, growth and employment in Denmark were affected by the generally slow recovery in the EU and weak domestic demand,” the report found.

"GDP growth is expected to pick up, reaching a growth rate of 1.7 percent in 2015 and 2.1 percent in 2016."

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Obstacles being tackled
The report underlined that the Danish economy still faces challenges such as promoting the employment prospects of those on the edge of the labour market, reducing the dropout rate from vocational education and increasing competition in the domestic service sector.

The economy and domestic affairs minister, Morten Østergaard, said the findings showed the government's reform course was the correct path moving forward.

”The reforms have helped create new jobs and ensure growth in Denmark's economy,” Østergaard said. ”The challenges that the commission point to are being looked at.”