Animal welfare centre to reduce number of farmyard filicides

Project to tackle problem of piglets being crushed by their mother

The food, agriculture and fisheries ministry has announced a project to reduce the number of piglets that are crushed to death by their mother in pigsties.

Dan Jørgensen, the food and agriculture minister, said that sights were set high for the project. “The piglet death rate is a problem we need to do something about and thankfully we’re well under way,” he said.

“This project can be a good help in reaching our ambitious goal of getting the death rate down so it is equivalent to saving 6,000 piglets a day in 2020.”

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Solution by end of 2015
The food authority Fødevarestyrelsen’s centre for animal welfare is tasked with coming up with a solution by the end of the year.

Among the centre’s other projects are a study of how well Danes look after their cats and an examination looking into the difference for calves between being reared organically and conventionally. Some 2.6 million kroner of funding is allocated to animal welfare research.