Arla and Premier Is in joint venture to bring fro-yo to the masses

Frozen yoghurt product will be on sale soon

Frozen yoghurt (or fro-yo) has long been the iced treat of choice among the health-conscious, but in Denmark it is now making a move into the mainstream. The dairy conglomerate Arla and the ice cream brand Premier Is have just released a frozen yoghurt called Yoggi Frozen.

The product, made from yoghurt and fresh fruit, will be available both on a stick and in 800 ml containers. The ice-stick variety contains just 67 calories each.

Fruitful collaboration
Jakob Knudsen, the head of marketing at Arla, emphasises the health credentials. “Yoggi Frozen is above all a natural and honest product that both we and Premier Is have looked forward to presenting to the Danish public,” he said.

“Now there is a lighter frozen alternative available for everyone and we are looking forward to seeing how Danes receive an 'is' from Arla.”

The project is the result of a collaboration between the two Danish companies, in which Premier Is has supplied expert knowledge of the ice cream market.

Mogens Jønck, the CEO of Premier Is, described the joint venture as being a particularly fruitful endeavour. “Yoggi Frozen is a good picture of how rewarding it can be when two food producers like Premier Is and Arla work together,” he said.

Yoggi Frozen will be on sale from the end of March.