Horsens is country’s cash-free guinea pig

Municipality aims to introduce comprehensive mobile payment by summer

Horsens Municipality in eastern Jutland is aiming to be the country’s leader in instituting a cash-free society, FinansWatch reports. Politicians aim to introduce mobile payment solutions everywhere by the summer and eventually to do away with cash completely.

So far 50 shops and 44 municipal amenities, including libraries and swimming pools, have made it possible to pay using Danske Bank’s MobilePay app.

Cash no longer king
Pernille Perigaard, the head of the shopping centre City Horsens, considers the development inevitable. “It’s the way things are going,” she said.

“Cash is on the way out at some point, and we want to be at the forefront of the development.”

Mayor Peter Sørensen is spearheading the initiative and sees a number of advantages to doing away with cash.

“Handling cash is time-consuming and involves a security risk,” he said.

Danske Bank is delighted that Horsens and other municipalities are using their payment solution.

Mark Wraa-Hansen, the head of the MobilePay department at the bank, said there is a lot of interest.

“We are in dialogue with a lot of municipalities about mobile payment and all of them have responded positively to our contact,” he said.

“Some municipalities are able to take it to a whole new level, and in this respect, Horsens is way out in front.”