Investors with 2 trillion kroner coming to Copenhagen

Nordic Fundraising Summit unites big spenders with attractive prospects

Today and tomorrow, the Danish venture capital and private equity association DVCA will host the Nordic Fundraising Summit in Copenhagen.

Investors managing a combined total of 2 trillion kroner, more than the Danish gross domestic product, will meet with Danish and Nordic funds with a view to collaborations on investment opportunities.

Fresh billions
Jannick Nytoft, the CEO of DVCA, emphasises that the event will offer significant opportunities to Danish companies. “The investors together manage a very big sum and have many fresh billions coming to Copenhagen that they are ready to invest in venture and capital funds,” he said.

“More kroner in investment for Denmark will mean significantly more capital for Danish companies and, in the end, more new jobs.”

It is the seventh time the event is being held. A total of 35 global investors – including pension funds, banks and asset managers – and 50 capital and venture funds will attend.

Nytoft explained the appeal from the investors’ side. “Venture and capital funds offer attractive returns, which investors are having trouble finding in other places at the moment,” he said.