Crooks staking out market in stolen meat

Boosted beef sold for a third of retail price through Facebook

There is an extensive illicit trade of stolen meat going on in Denmark, Metroxpress reports. High quality meat is stolen on a daily basis from Danish supermarkets and sold for a third of its retail price through a black market exchange on Facebook.

Mads Hvitved Grand, the head of press at the retail company Dansk Supermarked, is suspicious. “You couldn’t buy our meat for those prices unless it was stolen,” he said.

“It has the whiff of being organised when it appears on Facebook.”

Systematic theft
Jens Juul Nielsen, the communications chief at Coop, confirmed Grand’s suspicion.

“We know of gang-like organisations that have in the course of the past five years been behind the systematic theft of meat,” he told Metroxpress.

In a message to the newspaper, the national police Rigspolitiet indicated that this kind of activity is on the police radar.

“We are generally aware that the illegal trade of a range of different products takes place on social media, and we investigate cases to the extent that it’s possible,” it said.