Dissatisfield with your product? Take it back and get a free beer

Fakta introduces new strategy to increase customer satisfaction

Denmark's second largest discount chain, Fakta, is introducing an unconventional warranty policy to attract more satisfied customers.

Starting from today, customers who return or swap faulty or unsatisfactory products will get an 'oops, we messed-up' beer on top.

"We would like to become Denmark's nicest discount chain," explained Fakta's chief executive Niels Karstensen.

"We want shopping in Fakta to be a more positive experience and adding an 'oops, we messed-up' beer is our tongue-in-cheek way of showing that we are different and that we make an effort."

A soft drink for the under age 16
Customers under the age of 16, or those who do not drink beer, will get a soft drink instead.

The 'oops, we messed-up' beer (kvajebajeren in Danish) is just one of the many changes the chain is currently implementing. 

Others include a comprehensive training program for the company's 9,000 employees, a sponsorship agreement with Hus Forbi (a magazine sold by the homeless) and new playful commercials.