Exports to Germany continue to rise

Danish wind technology is particularly in demand as Germans are switching from nuclear power to renewable sources of energy

According to the Foreign Ministry, exports to Germany are expected to rise by 10 billion kroner in both 2015 and 2016.

This growth comes on top of the 10 percent increases recorded in both 2013 and 2014, which has seen exports soar above 150 billion kroner. Just two years ago, according to Danmarks Statistik, they stood at 128.2 billion.

The trade and development minister, Mogens Jensen, believes this trend enhances the already positive development of the Danish economy as the country's export companies expect an overall 60 percent increase in sales in 2015.

"The government has an ambition to help even more small and medium-size businesses access the German market," said Jensen.

"Last year, we launched a plan with 25 specific growth initiatives in areas where Denmark has the lead – including the energy sector."

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Danish wind technology especially in demand
The sale of Danish wind technology to German wind farms contributed greatly to the export growth last year.

Germany is currently undergoing a comprehensive energy transition.

Following the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the country plans to be nuclear power free by the year 2022 and focuses on renewable energy solutions instead.

Germany is Denmark's largest trading partner. In 2014, 18 percent of its total exports headed to Germany.