Out of this world with excitement at the Chocolate Festival

Why do you think they called them Mars, Galaxy and Milky Way?

March 7-8, 10:00-17:00; Tap 1, Ny Carlsberg Vej 91, Cph V; 130kr; chokoladeselskabet.dk

There are times – invariably spent in between consuming a Toblerone, Twix and Topic (remember them?!) – when it’s difficult to imagine there being a single person on the planet who is as passionate as you about chocolate. 

But this is not The Cure or The Smiths – you’re not the only outsider in the suburb who gets it. A fondness of the brown stuff is as common as having two arms, or more so in fact, and at the Chocolate Festival it goes without saying you’ll be in excellent company.  

Hosted by Chokoladeselskabet, a non-profit organisation for Danish professionals, you’ll be surrounded by passionate producers hosting interactive demo kitchens as well as lectures.There truly is something for every chocolate lover, whether you want to learn tips and tricks for making the perfect snowball, or just tag along for multiple tastings. 

It’s not all chocolate bars and truffles though. John’s Hot Dog Deli will be showcasing its new hot chocolate habanero sauce, and Raz Spa will be offering chocolate massages. Let’s just be happy that the only inedible chocolate will be its special chocolate peels, sprays and oils. 

For the edibles, look out for the organic range offered by Woodshade, mocha coffee by Makil Coffee, and numerous award winning specialists like Oialla, Friis Holm, and Chokoman – three of 50 exhibitors sharing their knowledge, recipes, experience and goods. And don’t miss Duffy’s lecture.