Norwegian Air strike continues

Over 100,000 passengers left stranded so far

The strike against Norwegian Air continues to grind on. The airline has taken the drastic step of running busses to carry some passengers.

“It is primarily passengers on routes to Stavanger and Bergen, that have the possibility of being transported by bus,” Norwegian press spokesperson Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen told TV2 News. Sandaker-Nielsen was not sure whether passengers on Danish domestic routes would soon get a similar offer.

Negotiations between management and pilots who are demanding job security continued throughout the weekend. 

Job security not negotiable
The Norwegian newspaper VG reported that pilots union Parat has agreed to a series of cuts, but union boss Hans-Erik Skjæggerud, stressed that job security is the most important for the pilots.

Norwegian has guaranteed the pilots' jobs, wages and working conditions for three years, but the pilots have rejected that offer.

“We have bent a lot already, but we will not give in on job security,” Skjæggerud told VG.

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Some 20,000 passengers were affected by the strike on Sunday.