Skat on Facebook

No word on cat videos or food photos

Getting in touch with Skat, the tax administration agency, can be tough this time of year. Starting on Monday, there is one more place where the public can get answers to questions about taxes: Facebook.

Skat employees will be manning their keyboards from 9:00 to 16:00 everyday. The new initiative is designed to help beleaguered Skat employees who are inundated with calls every year when financial statements hit the streets. 

“You are number 99,543 in line. Please hold”

Last year over 100,000 calls were received in the first week following the release of financial statements. More employees have been hired to help with the overflow.

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“A total of 450 people are ready to answer questions, but you can still expect waiting time on the phones, or even that it will be difficult to get through, Skat VP Richard Hanlov said in a statement.