Copenhagen among the ten most liveable cities in the world

The Danish capital ranked ninth, finishing ahead of its Scandinavian counterparts

Copenhagen has nabbed a high position in Mercer’s Quality of Living rankings this year, taking ninth position in the 2015 survey.

Despite concerns about economic growth, western European cities dominate the rankings.

According to the survey, the cities in the top ten offer a tranquil working and living environment, providing stability and opportunity to expats and their families. 

Attracting international work assignments
Global consultancy company Mercer conducts its Quality of Living survey every year to assist multinational companies in compensating their employees fairly when placing them on international assignments. 

The rankings are based on a number of different criteria including political, social and economic environments, medical and health considerations, and schools and education.

The report provides information and recommendations for over 440 cities throughout the world and places 230 of them in the rankings. 

“Taking a short or long-term work assignment in a new country is both an exciting and challenging experience for employees and their families,” said Slagin Parakatil, the head of Mercer.

“Cultures, societies and comparatively different climates can be difficult to navigate and settle down in for employees and their families."

Vienna tops the list, while Zurich, Auckland, Munich, Vancouver, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva and Sydney respectively complete the top ten.