New dating site exclusively for pensioners opens today

“Not a joke,” says user

The over-60s brigade looking for love and companionship have a new outlet to turn to: the country’s first dating site for seniors,, which goes online today.

“There is great demand for a site that only caters to retirees,” Pia Brændstrup, the co-founder of, told DR Nyheder.

Brændstrup said she started the site after being approached by several older people saying they would like to have someone to travel or attend events with.

“If you have lost a partner, and were accustomed to having someone along with you, it can suddenly be quite lonely to find oneself doing it alone,” said Brændstrup. “Here you can perhaps find someone who feels the same way as you do.”

Senior surfing
Kjeld Nordraak Green is 72 years old and was one of 300 people who tested the new site before it went live.

“Everything happens on the net these days,” Green told DR Nyheder. “It’s natural that pensioners should be included. It’s not just a joke – it's pretty serious to us."

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Green has high hopes for the site.

“I hope I can find an adult lady that I can have a future with,” he said.