Capital region to get two major new green spaces

Environment Ministry inviting suggestions on how new green recreation areas should be developed

As urban life in the capital region continues to encroach more and more on green space in and around Copenhagen, the Environment Ministry has decided to establish two new major green areas designed for recreation and simply getting outside.

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The large, long recreational areas – where citizens can jog, play football or simply walk along the water’s edge – will stretch from Copenhagen towards Roskilde Fjord, and along Køge Bugt.

Crossing borders
“Danes love everything about the outdoors,” Kirsten Brosbøl, the environmental minister, said in a statement. “Access to green spaces is important to everyone, so we are extending green spaces for the benefit of all those living in the metropolitan area.”

The Fjord space and Bugt route will include portions of Høje-Taastrup, Roskilde, Greve, Solrød and Køge, giving those living in the areas more access to natural areas.

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Suggestions welcome
The Environment Ministry is taking suggestions on how the proposed green spaces should be developed.

“Everyone is welcome to make suggestions on how these two new, large green areas should be developed,” said Brosbøl. 

Suggestions should be sent to the nature agency, Naturstyrelsen, no later than 4 May.