Norwegian strike over

March 11th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Flight schedules should be back to normal this afternoon

Pilots with Norwegian Air have reached an agreement with management, putting an end to a strike that started on 4 March, wreaking havoc on schedules and standing passengers.

The 650 pilots were unsatisfied with their working conditions and contract. Bjørn Kjos, the head of Norwegian, said that flights should be back to normal by this afternoon.

“I am very pleased that the pilot strike is over,”  Kjos told Norwegian news agency NTB.  “Our passengers can feel confident that flights will soon depart as normal.”

Give and take
The agreement guaranteed that rules governing pilots would be the same throughout the Scandinavian countries and guaranteed the pilots jobs for three years.

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Pilots gave in on their demands for better pensions, working hours and insurance and will not receive a salary increase in 2015.


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