Online gambling exploding

Danes using computers to place bets on pretty much anything

Gamblers in Denmark are using online gaming sites like never before, according to new figures from gaming authority Spillemyndigheden.

Last year, nearly 3,000 billion kroner was staked on online betting and online casino sites alone – 40 percent more than just two years ago.

Instant payoffs
One of the reasons cited for the explosions is that the sites have become better at providing instant gratification.

“You play and quickly see if you have won, and you want the prize immediately,” HC Madsen, the head of Danske Spil, told DR Nyheder.

Boy or girl?
Madsen said there are plenty of options for those who want to gamble online: bingo, roulette wheels, digital one-armed bandits along with the chances to pot money down on everything from tennis and football to royal births.

“Today you can place more than 100 wagers on a single match while it is in progress,” a Tipsbladet game expert, Jacob Hansen, told DR Nyheder.

Lost monopoly
It has been three years since Danske Spil lost its monopoly on casino gambling and online betting. Today, 29 different companies are licensed to run casino games on the net and 15 are allowed to offer betting.

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Danske Spil is still the largest player in the market, but increased competition has cost the company. Profits in 2014 were 95 million kroner less than in 2013 – a decrease of 5.8 percent.